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      Since taking part in the work, I have been excellent teachers and advanced party members strict standards themselves, rigorous and meticulous work in each task, so that they can work and play an exemplary role in life. My report is as follows:

      First, a firm political beliefs, self-discipline.

      In education and teaching, I can insist on the four basic principles of the party, conscientiously study Deng Xiaoping Theory, the three represents, the scientific concept of development and other important ideas, and actively participate in party education activities, and to their own practical action To reflect their party members vanguard exemplary role, and "diligent work, down-to-earth life" for their motto, loyal to the party's education, love and dedication, silent dedication, willing to ladder, their youth and Blood dedicated to the party and the people's education.

      I pay attention to ethics, rigorous style of study, meticulous; the teaching and educating throughout the teaching work. In learning to transform their ideas, improve political consciousness, establish a correct outlook on life, world view, do a solid job in their own work, teaching and educating people. Actively learn the theory of education and teaching theory and put into practice, from time to time to influence the actual action to promote other sincerity to heart, in Yushu earthquake, the heart of the disaster area, has the use of teacher contributions, pay ecial dues and other forms of donations to the affected people love .

      Second, devote themselves to teaching, excellence.

      Teachers to give students a glass of water, you can not only a bucket of water. The teacher itself is a steady stream of rivers, to accommodate the sea of rivers. Teachers can not just give students a glass of water, but to teach them how to get water, a river, a sea. I know that the growth of teachers is a long-distance running, only through the "hardships" in order to Yu Ru-cheng, "Do not cut pseudo-body pro-elegance, turn more benefits division division is." Therefore, I continue to learn. In the knowledge structure, constantly added, and actively participate in school, county and other levels of teaching preparation lesson activities, humbly learn from other teachers, and in 20xx was named the backbone of Anshan City teachers. In the theory of learning, and constantly the concept, establish a modern education, teachers, students, curriculum, talent, and to guide their teaching. December 20xx by virtue of "how to remove the psychological barrier of candidates" won the China Education Newaper second national primary and secondary mental health education achievement prize two; in August 20xx by virtue of the paper "global climate change impact and countermeasures" won the three northeastern provinces of secondary schools Geography Teaching Research Association will be the first prize. In the action, I actively practice our school's "efficient classroom" classroom teaching mode, and achieved gratifying results, and truly make their own classroom showing a "knowledge of the supermarket, the carnival of life" scene; xxxxon behalf of the school to participate in the city Quality class competition, won the first prize; in September xxxx, was awarded the Anshan City, "gardener entrepreneurial experts," the title of many times been rated as advanced school teachers, advanced party members.

      Third, strict word head, love go hand in hand, good students intimate people

      In the class management, the first embodiment of a "strict": the strict class regulation system, rigorous work attitude, stringent requirements. After the new students, I formed a