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      過度依賴電腦的英語作文 篇1

      Don’t Rely Too Much on Computers

      The invention of computers has changed people’s daily life in a dramatic way. It is possible for people to be socially active without leaving the house, watch videos of almost anything imaginable, play games that feel like real life and get easy access to the best and worst of the world. It is no wonder that a large quantity of people becomes addicted to computers.

      Spending too much time in front of the computer may results in vision problems, back and neck pain, sleep disturbances, weight gain and Internet addiction. What’s more, over-reliance on computers may lead to ill-spelling abilities and poor academic performance.

      Undoubtedly, computers are a great addition to our life, and proper and safe use of them should always be a number one priority. Meanwhile, those less-than-pleasant consequences of computer overuse worth considering. Try to take breaks every hour, and periodically look away from the screen to give your eyes a break. Most importantly, don’t let any online activities influence your family relationship.

      過度依賴電腦的英語作文 篇2

      Admittedly, computers bring us much convenience. However, once going overboard, all the convenience might turn into disaster. Nowadays, many young people like working with computers. But what if the computers break down? All of the efforts you have made for days or even for months will become nothing. If you are a teacher who is about to begin class only to find you have forgotten bringing your USB disk, you will not know what to do next and the class will be doomed to failure.

      In summary, computers do simplify our life to some extent, but we should not rely on them too much. At least, we should have a backup plan.

      過度依賴電腦的英語作文 篇3

      As the economy develope,that evey desk in the office has a computer has not been a fresh thing.Nowdays,more and more officers use the computers.

      It seems that the computers play an improtant part of it.Firstly,people use computer programmes such as word,excel to type the documents and store the datas .Secondly,it helps us a lot to communicate with others.Because of it,we can get in touch with people in a matter of second even they are thousands distances away from us! Whats more,we can have a meeting togeter by using the computer.

      But what I have to mention is that we cant rely the computers too much.It sometimes also do harm to us.For example,many workers may be addicted to the computers during their work,which as result that they are not work hard enough.In addition,the computers also have radiation that is not good to our health.

      過度依賴電腦的英語作文 篇4

      computer games is a hot topic nowadays. some people hold that it is bad. and others hold that it is good. in my view, whether good or bad is determined by the players.

      if one plays computer game properly in his spare time, computer games can be an ecellent source of joy. for eample, something impossible in your real life can be realized in the computer

      games. you can pilot a space craft and travel in the universe. every coin has two sides. if one plays computer game ecessivly, it may affects his eyesight and study.

      the computer games itself is only a tool like knife. if we use it properly, it can pare apples. but if we use it to attack others. it immediatly becomes an lethal weapon.

      過度依賴電腦的英語作文 篇5

      As the development of economic and science, almost every family owns a compuer, therefore,more and more students are addicted to computers games.


      In my opinion, excessively addicted to computers games is not a good phenomenon. Its well known that many students spent so much time on computer games that they usually fail in exams. Some students who are banned to use computer by their parents even steal trick money from their parents to go to the internet bar. Its dishonest and serious!


      As a student, I think our basic thing is study, so we should keep far away from computer games, and study hard to repay our parents.